ParoImplant 2019. BUDAPEST (21-23 November, 2019)


The Hungarian Society of Periodontology, supported by the Hungarian Society of Implant Dentistry is happy to announce the ParoImplant 2019 Congress, which has raised considerable interest during the last few years. The congress is accredited with several internationally renowned lecturers.

We are glad to announce that Dr. Myron Nevins, Dr. Tidu Mankoo, Dr. Ashok Sethi, Dr. Daniel Rothamel, Dr. Gabor Tepper, Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos and Dr. Lars-Åke Johansson are on the board of speakers, alongside with  Prof. Péter Windisch, Dr. Attila Horváth, Dr. Bálint Molnár from the Faculty of Budapest.

The timetable is ready, you can check it below.

In addition, an open ITI Study Club will be organised right before the Congress on 21 November afternoon with a 2 international guest lecturers.

We hope that both the programme and the many fantastic international speakers have raised your interest in registering the congress.

Instead of endless registration process, just send a mail to parodontologia at gmail dot com. Please include in your email:

1. your name and nationality

2. the exact days and hands-ons you would like to participate

3. the name and address your invoice sholuld be issued. Participants will receive invoices at the registration desk. Should you need it earlier, we could email it to you upon request.

All details will be sent to you in an email confirmation.


Therapeutic options for long-term periodontal and peri-implant tissue maintenance

21-23 November, 2019 Thursday-Saturday (Lectures, live operations and hands-on courses)


Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry, Education Centre

(Szentkirályi utca 47.1088 Budapest, Hungary)

Lectures: Árkövy auditorium
Hands-on 1. (21 Nov.): Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos
Hands-on 2. (23 Nov.): Dr. Daniel Rothamel
Interactive workshop (22 Nov.) Dr. Tidu Mankoo


Dr. Myron Nevins (USA) Dr. Lars-Åke Johansson (Sweden)
Dr. Tidu Mankoo (GB) Dr. Gabor Tepper (Austria)
Dr. Ashok Sethi (GB) Dr. Attila Horváth
Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos (Sweden) Dr. Bálint Molnár
Dr. Daniel Rothamel (Germany) Dr. Péter Windisch
ITI symposium and reception:

21 November, (Thu) 14.45


1. Dr. Ashok Sethi (GB) 2. Dr. Myron Nevins (USA)

Early bird: Until 3 November (transfer deadline)
Early fees:

One academic day (22 or 23 Nov.) 230 EUR. Both days 370 EUR.

Hands-on 330 EUR / course. Workshop 115 EUR.

ITI symposium: 70 EUR (free of charge for ITI members)

Regular fees:

One academic day (22 or 23 Nov.) 260 EUR. Both days 420 EUR.

Hands-on 330 EUR / course. Workshop 115 EUR

ITI symposium: 90 EUR (free of charge for ITI members)

Bank details:

Co Name: Magyar Parodontologiai Tarsasag

Name of bank:  OTP Bank

Account number: 11708001-20503000

Address of bank: OTP Bank  H-1088 Budapest Jozsef krt. 33.

IBAN code: HU36 1170 8001 2050 3000 0000 0000

Swift code or BIC: OTPVHUHB
CE course credit: Based on 18 hours of continuing education
Capacity: Maximum of 150 at main sessions and 20 at hands-ons.

Programme* (shaping, coming soon)

Thursday (21 November) Pre-Congress

ITI symposium






Dr. Ashok Sethi: Immediate implant placement and loading

Dr. Myron Nevins: Prevention of inflammatory diseases around dental implants


ITI Venue:  

Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry, Education Centre (Szentkirályi utca 47.1088 Budapest, Hungary)


Hands-on 1.



Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos: Management of peri-implantitis: a pragmatic approach           

Hands-on venue: Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry, Education Centre. Ground floor 039 seminar room.

Friday (22 November)


7.45-8.15 Registration
8.15-8.30 Prof Péter Windisch  Opening speech
8.30-9.15 Dr. Windisch Péter lecture. Long-term tissue stability around teeth with periodontal defect – with or without implants
9.15-10.15 Dr. Myron Nevins (USA) lecture. State of the art of periodontal regeneration
10.15-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-11.15 Pre-recorded video surgeries (Prof. Péter Windisch, Dr. Bálint Molnár, Dr Attila Horváth, Dr Pál Nagy)
11.15-12.15 Dr. Ashok Sethi (GB) lecture. Changing Paradigms in Implant Dentistry
12.15-13.15 Lunch break
13.15-14.00 Lecture. Dr. Bálint Molnár Personalized resective-reconstructive mucogingival surgery
14.00-15.00 Dr. Tidu Mankoo (GB) lecture: Predictable long-term implant & soft tissue aesthetics: the surgical & prosthetic keys to success
15.00-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-16.30 Dr. Lars-Åke Johansson (Sweden) lecture.  Factors influencing long-term results of implant treatment in the aesthetic zone


Interactive workshop. Dr. Tidu Mankoo (GB): Implant and predictable long term aesthetics: from single teeth to complex aesthetic & restorative dilemmas: the surgical & prosthetic keys to success.

Saturday (23 November)

8.30-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.00 Dr. Myron Nevins (USA) lecture. Long term tissue stability following periodontal regeneration and implant therapy
10.00-11.00 Dr. Gabor Tepper (Austria) lecture. The new straumann BLX : the limits of immediate implantology
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.15 Dr. Andreas Stavropoulos (Sweden) lecture. Managing peri-implantits in a pragmatic way.
12.15-13.15 Lunch break
13.15-14.15 Dr. Daniel Rothamel (Germany) lecture. New techniques and materials in bone regeneration: Extending the limits.
14.15-15.00 Dr. Attila Horvath (Hungary) lecture. Sword and/or Scythe in Periodontics
15.00-16.00 Pre-recorded video surgeries (Prof. Péter Windisch, Dr. Bálint Molnár, Dr Attila Horváth, Dr Pál Nagy)
16.00-16.30 Coffee break



Hands-on 2.: Dr. Daniel Rothamel: Stabilization techniques for grafting procedures of hard and soft tissue augmentation

  *Organizers reserve the right to change the programme until the final version is issued.